Temi Roberts

Senior Licensed Cosmetologist, Natural Hair care/styling Specialist, Salon Entrepreneur.

Temi Roberts is passionate about the versatility of naturally textured hair. For her, natural hair means being confident, self-aware and an expression of freedom. Temi was able to championing these attributes to her hair care and styling services. Ms Roberts has spent six years as a salon owner of Lady Styles Hair Design in Laurel, Maryland; she is the lead stylist and currently a senior licensed cosmetologist certified to apprentice and teach in state schools.

Currently Ms Roberts is developing a series of Multi-Textural workshops for stylists that offer a comprehensive and diverse approach to textured hair styling. Her workshops focus is on the full range of hair types, curl patterns and product knowledge.

‘My passion is to educate and elevate the knowledge of various hair types and textures, in order to allow men and women to acknowledge their full range of natural beauty.” - Temi Roberts    

After many years Temi’s passion in the natural hair industry have been on designer twists, including
“marley twists”,“havana twists” and “puffy twists”. Her signature styling uses texture to redefine and
shape “finger coils”. As an event presenter,Temi has showcased Isabella’s Own at the Bronner Brothers
Beauty show. Introduced and engaged the audience and provided the features and benefits of this
natural hair line. As an independent contractor, Temi has successfully engaged and demonstrated various natural hair styles at the annual Natural Hair Care Expo in Baltimore Maryland. Temi has spoken to young women and their sororities to empower and support them in their professional journey.
As a member of EMERGE: Natural Beauty Industry Alliance, she helps to engage, promote
and support the mission of the trade association.

Temi Roberts has been featured in several off line and online publications including; Sophisticates black hair
magazine, Style Q, YBE and Salontra Select Suites. She has a vision to expand her teaching internationally, including
the caribbean islands of Trinidad  & Tobago, as well as Nigeria and Paris.

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