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We have a wide variety of styles and services available.
Please Note: Natural Hair prices may increase by $10 and Hair Extensions may increase up to $20 based on the length and density of your hair.
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Services and Prices

Natural Hair Styles


Style Price
Finger Coils (longer than 4 inches) $70.00
Comb Coils/Loc Starting $80.00 AND UP
Two Strand Twist $80.00 AND UP
Basic Cornrow/Flat Twist $60 AND UP
Design Cornrow/Flat Twists $70.00 AND UP
Cornrows $60 AND UP
Flexi/Perm Rod Set $70 AND UP
Combination Styles $80 AND UP
Loc Maintenance $70 AND UP
Loc Two Strand Twist $40
Loc Flexi Set/Pipe Cleaners $40
Loc Braid Updo $30-$50
Blow out/Flat Iron $60 AND UP
Perimeter Braid $50.00 ADD $10 w/ hair/ADD $20 With interior braided
Extra time for Density or Length $10.00
Protective Styles


Style Price
Feed in Cornrows $120 AND UP
Combination Styles w/Kankaelon Piece $90.00
Havana Twist  $130 AND UP
Marley Twists $180 AND UP
Weave/Full Sew in $180
Sew in w/leave out $160
Puffy/Spring/Kinky Twist $200 AND UP
Feed in Flat Twist $100 AND UP
Combination Style w/Twist Extentions $150 AND UP
Crochet Styling  $150 AND UP
Partial Crochet  $120 AND UP
Medium to Large Box Braids $180 AND UP
Maintenance and Must Haves


Style Price
Trim/Cut $25.00
Designer Cut $45.00
Protein treatment $25.00
Moisture treatment masque $20.00
Lash Extension $25.00
Twist Retighten/refresher $20 AND UP
Consultation $20.00
Shampoo/blowdry $25.00
Shampoo/deep treatment/blowdry $40.00
Shampoo/trim/deep treatment/blowdry $60.00
Extra time for Density and or length $10.00
Weave Maintenance $55.00
Weave Removal $40.00
Weave Removal with Shampoo $55.00
Crochet Removal $30.00
Crochet Removal with Shampoo $50.00
Individual Braid/Twist Removal $50.00/hour
Style removal $20.00
Wash and Go $15
Color Services


Style Price
Semi Permanent Color $25.00
Demi/Permanent Color $70.00 AND UP
Color Touch Up $50.00
Full Highlights $90.00 AND UP
Partial Highlights $50.00
Consultation $20.00
Color Correction $100.00
Extra time for Density and or Length $10.00