Chanel Sheppard

Chanel has been with Lady Styles hair designs for over a year and is now working under an apprenticeship license. She is a native of Pittsburgh, PA and moved to the Maryland area approximately six years ago. Chanel has had a passion for natural hair care and styling for many years, she just needed to find her place to grow. Since Chanel has been in the Maryland area, she has attended the N natural program for natural hair care and styling. Her knowledge of proper hair care and since she’s been with LSHD, her passion and will to grow is evident. Chanel is especially talented with loc services such as starter locs, loc maintenance, and loc styling. Her perimeter braid is beautiful as well! Although, there are plenty of other styling services she has to offer and can execute them well. She has also had her work published in the Sophisticats black hair magazine. This was a major accomplishment for Chanel and there’s so many more to come.

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